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Our company is committed to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, and we work tirelessly to provide our customers and partners with the best possible solutions.

We design and install the best solar PV system to
suit your requirements.

KV&Co Group Limited has a strong presence in the UK real estate market, offering property management services, residential sales, and lettings to clients across the country

 Our aim is to provide a hassle-free experience to our guests, ensuring that they have everything they need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

We want to provide a comprehensive range of high-quality office furniture at an affordable price.

About Us

KV&Co Group Limited is a well-established conglomerate based in the UK, committed to delivering the highest standard of services in the real estate, hospitality, and renewable energy sectors. Our team of specialists provides outstanding property management, residential sales, and letting services throughout the UK. In addition, we offer convenient accommodation options within our hospitality sector in South Africa. We aim to prioritize sustainable energy solutions, and we proudly offer a range of wholesale products, such as solar panels and inverter batteries, to help businesses and individuals reduce carbon emissions. Our team is dedicated to delivering top-quality services while adhering to ethical business practices, and we are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations in every aspect.


Embracing Diversity & Driving Excellence.


KV&Co Group Limited has a culture that values individual differences, recognizing that diversity in backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences fosters creativity and innovation. We embrace the uniqueness of each employee, respecting their diverse strengths and ideas. By promoting inclusivity, we create a dynamic and collaborative work environment where every individual feels valued and encouraged to contribute their unique perspectives.

By embracing individual differences, fostering agility, and valuing efficiency and simplicity, KV&Co Group Limited cultivates a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. We are committed to creating an environment where employees thrive, customers benefit, and the company achieves long-term success.


Empowering Success & Enriching Communities.


At KV&Co Group Limited, our mission is to lead the way across multiple industries, delivering exceptional services and products that empower our customers and partners to achieve their goals. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to making a positive impact in the communities where we operate, contributing to their growth and well-being. With a focus on quality, integrity, and community, we are driving success while nurturing a better tomorrow.

  • To be a leader in multiple industries, providing high-quality services and products that help our customers and partners achieve their goals. 
  • To be a responsible corporate citizen, and to contribute to the communities where we operate. 


From Vision to Global Impact.


KV&Co Group Limited was founded in 2019 by three primary school friends who had a vision of creating a company that would be a leader in multiple industries across the globe. They had a shared passion for entrepreneurship and saw an opportunity to build a business that could make a real impact in the world.

Initially, the company started as a property management company, providing high-quality services to clients in the UK. However, as the business grew, the founders saw an opportunity to expand their services and provide more value to their customers.

In 2021, KV&Co Group Limited expanded into providing serviced accommodation in South Africa, which quickly became a popular choice for travelers looking for comfortable and affordable accommodation.

In 2023, the company further expanded into sustainable energy, recognizing the growing need for renewable energy solutions across the globe. With the aim of making a positive impact on the environment, KV&Co Group Limited began providing solar panels, invertor batteries, and other sustainable energy solutions at a wholesale scale to corporate companies and individuals.

Over the years, KV&Co Group Limited has grown through strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and a commitment to innovation and excellence. Today, the company is a trusted partner to customers and partners across the UK, Africa, and beyond, and is committed to providing high-quality services that exceed expectations.

Code of Conduct

Ethics Uncompromised & Values United.

code of conduct

At KV&Co Group Limited, we conduct business with unwavering integrity and ethics, adhering to all applicable laws and regulations. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, harassment, and unethical behavior, fostering an inclusive work environment. Our commitment to our code of conduct builds trust, protects our reputation, and contributes to the well-being of our stakeholders.

Code of Conduct:

  • Uncompromising integrity and adherence to laws.
  • Zero-tolerance for discrimination, harassment, and unethical behavior.
  • Fostering an inclusive work environment and responsible corporate citizenship.

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